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Team building ? olimpic games

Team building "Olympics is funny!"

We divide participants into 4 - 8 groups, each group is marked with a different color, the rivalry between the groups is important.

1. Rifle range - rifle shooting to the target and metal plate (ducks) - participants can do several test shots and then shots are scored.
Next - an additional task-puzzle:
- Allotments
In general, it seems normal that allotments are fenced. What kind of trouble can, however, create a set of fences, to keep everyone happy?
It starts from the fact that every plot holder wants to have another fence. Neighbors still do not know each other and no one knows exactly who owned the plot.
Thus we must clean up the area gardens, so that everyone will be happy with fences and everyone will know which is the way to enter and exit.

2. Archery competitions - shooting to the target the participants do a few test shots and then shots are scored. They shoot with traditional bow and block bow, we offer different options, such as shots on time, at a distance, to concentrate, "one arrow".

Additional task: - A rag
Participants are to meet interesting logical - tactical task. All stand on the sheet of and come up with how to turn it to the other side without getting off.

3. - person bikes racing
Full of laughter fun in a relay race, slalom, racing with forfeits.

After the race, additional tasks:
This is one of many nineteenth - century puzzles. Imagination must began to work!
There are three houses, surrounded by difficult to jump over wall. In the yard there are 3 wells. For each home is one well, but not the nearest one. You have to find the proper route, not crossing with others.
Group receives a set of large pieces of wood, which has a square frame. Will it work?


  • Run in the double bag - relay
  • Run with the tire - slalom
  • Run with an egg on a spoon
  • Semaphore alphabet

Group chose: a signaller, commander / recipient and writer. Part of the group helps the commander and some signalers.
The task is to decrypt the message by means of the flags and code table.
Message content is drawn

Other tasks to choose from:

The team have to make a tube with a length of 2 meters, it has to transfer a maximum amount of water for 2 minutes. The problem is that the tea has only plastic cups, adhesive tape, and scissors on disposal.

It is combination of two islands and two edges (colored board ground). They are connected by 6 bridges. How to come across, passing one bridge only once?

The aim of the game is to pass four cars next to each other on the road, which can accommodate only one car. (board on the floor + dummy cars).
Anyone who ever met oversized bus or truck on a narrow mountain road, will admit that this situation is the most conceivable...


Price of the event - about 2 200 zł net for 20 - 80 people