Paintball game and a bonfire for 20

Paintball battle for 20 people and bonfire


  1. Getting of a flag - in the middle of the playing area is a flag, the teams fighting for her, and after next they must move it to a designated location. We suggest using candle smokes.
  2. VIP - the team has to walk the "VIP" through the area - from place to place X to Z, without a hit - the other team has to avoid reaching the point Z. During the game, the defending team has RPK, the attacking team - light smoke.
  3. Dead match - the group is divided into two teams, each with its own base from which to is to begin the game. The aim of the game is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. The team, who do it first, wins.
  4. Capture the flag - the group is divided into 2 teams. Each team has the flag of the opposing team in its base. The purpose of both teams is to take the flag from the enemy base, and transport it to their base. Who do it first - wins.

We provide: equipment (marker, mask, camouflage clothing), gas (CO2), 400 balls / person, flares and smoke bombs, suggestions of scenarios, judges, securing the playing field.
An added attraction is a large marker with stock bipod (RPK replica).
We also offer an off-road car hire, which will take part in the game.

Price 320 zł / person for a group of 20 people, includes: