Bicycles excursions

Tourist - sightseeing bicycle trips in
Mazovian Landscape Park

We invite you to take part in the expedition, during which you will see Otwock area (25 km from the city center of Warsaw), formerly known as spas, still with distinctive microclimate, shaped primarily by beautiful pine forests.
Our guide will adjust the program, itinerary and length of trip to the expectation of the group and its interests.
He will stop at interesting places, show and tell you about the history, culture, and about all the interesting nature of the region.
What we will encounter along the way?

NATURE RESERVES (at least one of them we will visit on foot)
- The Peats , Bocianowski marsh, Pogorzelski Mszar, Celestynowski Grad, a Natura 2000 site;
- Całowanie Marsh (unique in the world), natural monuments, vast meadows and marshes, with plants such as orchids and insectivorous sundew, maybe also interesting animals: elk, deer, otters, bats, rare bird species such as the black stork, crane , corncrake;

- Mazovian village architecture: houses, mansions (Radzin court) ,villas of świdermajer style (Soplicówka - Museum of Otwock), cranes, churches, cemeteries (Jewish cemetery in Anielin), roadside shrines and crosses, - Defenses - bunkers of World War II.
At the end, the bonfire and grill, summarizing acquired knowledge and share your experiences.

Tour price: 260zł/person, at least 20 people.
Price includes: all-terrain bicycles for each participant, guide service, care and technical instructor, tickets, accident insurance, food from the grill, fireplace, bus transport, VAT.