A military academy


After greeting and presentation of the instructors, participants will be familiar with the scenario and divided into groups. The optimal number of groups is equal to the number of points.
Each group gets a colored armband with the color of a grou. Completion of the Military Academy is associated with the receipt of a certificate for each participant.
We may emerge the strongest group in the whole competition and the most powerful group in individual events.
In this scenario, we assume split into 7 groups, the price includes 7 competition. Estimated time of event: 5 hours (40 minutes per competition). .



  1. Special ATV - 3 quads on the trial track,: "Tank Test", "test of the sapper".
  2. "And what if you run out of fuel?"
    - Riding four person bikes (2 pieces) and segways (2 pieces)
  3. Shooting Training - paintball war

    At the same time another other 2 groups compete in paintball, playing a few skirmishes with various scenarios.
    We provide: equipment (marker, mask, camouflage clothing), gas (CO2), 150 balls / person. (can be purchased at additional cost 15 zł/100 balls), proposal of scenarios, judges, preparing the playing field.

  4. Orienteering
    The task will be to get to all of the designated checkpoints as soon as possible using a map and compass. Patrol, which quickly reaches the designated target, wins. In each location marked on the map is the "anchor point" of code that must be applied to the patrol card. One of the "checkpoints" is a mine field with a metal detector.


  1. Crossing the raft (2 pieces 6 people) on the other side of the river, and a special task - communication field spacing. The patrol equipment will have two crank telephones and cable reel with assumptions on the back. Need to develop cable, connect the phone, turn the handle and talk.

1. Roping competition with a climbing rope

  • Exiting the speleological ladder
  • Tyrolean chute - attracts participants from a height of about 10 meters on lines stretched diagonally to the ground. This event triggers a large dose of adrenaline, because the downhill descent person reaches a top speed of about 50 km / hour.
  • Tower of the boxes
  • Spiderweb

Event Price: from 190 to 250 zł net / person., The number of people: 60 - 80

Sound 600 zł
- t-shirts for participants
- Awards
- Catering (coffee, tea, cake to welcome) 3 kinds of salads, grilled meat (choice), pea soup, etc.
- Shuttle bus