Gallery 2010

1. Paintball Villa Otwock

2. Paintball Villa Wesola

1. Canoe Trip

1. We did it!

1. Children's Day in Wildze

2. Laser Paintball Games in Warsaw

3. Quad Tours : Stork Ranch, Tomaszów and Warka

4. "Hop-sasa" inaugural event
5. SUZUKI Club Rally in Warka

6. Picnic in Czersk

7. Skaryszewski Park Children's Day

1. Feast of the Flag In the Skaryszewski Park
2. Family Picnic in the PCC
3. Saturday's Integration of Landi Renzo

4. Sand and mud of Spaa..
5. Zelechów quad trip.
1. Successful start of cooperation with the Agency Grappa

2. Our monstertruck at the Pilica picnic.

In February we helped in second edition of the rally, "Swider sources" there was nine cars, a great route, sometimes it was difficult, but ... we did it! :)

Also in February, our quads "fought" with the wetland area surrounding Zalew Zegrzyski - and won the battle!
In January we participated in the organization of the KSP sleigh ride - the horse sleigh rides participants glanced at us jealously...

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