Afternoon integration

Afternoon Quads Integration

So we called a few hours integration events in our base in the suburbs of Otwock.
Excellent for this purpose Świder river area (forest, meadow) and adapted facilities (grill, brick hall with a kitchen, fireplace and parking) allow you to perform substantially all of the activities we offer.
Once you can handle 8 - 100 people, if necessary hotel services in our area provide: Z - Hotel, Holiday Inn, Villa Otwock and Lipowy Gościniec.
We offer packages of activity in specific prices / net /. They are as a half day event, regardless of the number of people.
Packages can be modified and extended to other activities.


Package price: 4 500 zł

- ATV tours for groups of 8 people with 2 instructors.
After driving on the vast, sandy - a grassy clearing, we head towards the back roads and to Karczew and Mazowiecki Landscape Park. Overcome quad track, pits and natural obstacles.
Distance: 1 -2 hours. Necessary driving license B.
There are 10 identical quads Mxer Kymco 150 cc, with an automatic transmission.


Package price: 5 300 zł

- ATV tours as above.
For those waiting for their trip - shooting with pneumatic guns and bows (different models of guns and arrows, different targets).


Package price: 6 800 zł

ATV tours as above.
The four - person bikes / 2 pieces and segways / 2 pieces.
Full of laughter fun in a relay (eg. logical tasks), slalom, racing with forfeits - 2 positions of service.


Package price: 7 500 zł

ATV tours as above.
The forest package roping competition with a climbing rope.

  • Climbing the speleological ladder.
  • Tibetan Bridge - crossing the line between two trees, with hands on the second belay rope.
  • Tyrolean chute - attracts participants from a height of about 10 meters on lines stretched diagonally to the ground. This event triggers a large dose of adrenaline, because the downhill descent person reaches a top speed of about 50 km / hour.
  • Tower of the boxes - the task is to build the highest tower of plastic boxes.
  • Horizontal or vertical web.



Package price: 9 000 zł

ATV tours as above.
In the same time jeep tours / 3 Nissan Patrols/, with roadbook - a book with a exact description of the most important turning points on the map, with all available data, so that the pilot (leaning on the indications of distance meter) may provide details of the driver's route. Participants drive, swapping during the journey, finding control points or performing the tasks referred to roadbook.
After returning group performs additional tasks:
a) OS - riding on time and accuracy on the designated track,
b) changing the wheels
c) slalom in alkogoggles
At each car an instructor is present.